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The closed faces
the closed hands
the closed hearts
hurt me


In the leaf-chaos
of a high-grown birch
I saw the big brown bird
shaking, displaying himself
spreading the left wing
spreading the right wing
bobbing and stretching himself

A wind takes hold of my body
lifts me up and carries me
beneath the unclosed feather-dress
of the brown bird

His wings and my wings
we test the rise
we open up and spread ourselves
we feel power from the wind
on each of our light feathers

We come out of the leaf-chaos
and swim
with forceful movements of our wings
on the waves of the sea of air

Beneath us the closed faces
the closed hands
the closed hearts
sinking into the dusty orbit
of hurtful closedness.

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Sketch by Farangis for Metamorphosis:


This poem has been published in German by the Edition Farangis

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